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Our commitment has always been to comprehend the vast spectrum of human psyche and behavior. Over the years, as we trained thousands in leadership, we integrated powerful approaches and insights from Adult development, refining our understanding and broadening our perspective.

Today, the Luminus System stands as a beacon of growth and transformation. It's not just a method; it's a journey, a tapestry of human experiences, and a testament to the potential of narratives to
shape, inspire, and regenerate.


We invite you to embark on this journey, to explore, to grow, and to discover your luminous potential.


In a world ever-evolving, the Luminus System envisions a harmonized humanity, where each individual's unique strengths and potentials are recognized, celebrated, and integrated into a regenerative tapestry of collective wisdom.


Through our holistic lens, we aspire to guide humankind towards a future where personal growth aligns seamlessly with global well-being, nurturing not just the individual, but the world in which they thrive.


To empower individuals, teams, and organizations with  tools and insights, giving guidance and transformative power in the journey of growth, renewal and change.


We aim to nurture personal evolution while simultaneously championing global progression, ensuring that every step forward is a stride towards a more harmonious and regenerative existence for all.



Uphold the utmost honesty and authenticity in every Luminus interaction, respecting the sacred journey of self-discovery.


Recognize and celebrate the interconnectedness of all aspects of being, striving for comprehensive understanding rather than compartmentalized knowledge.


Equip individuals, teams, and organizations with tools to unearth their true potential, inspiring informed choices and purposeful actions.


Continuously evolve and refine the Luminus methodologies, staying attuned to the dynamic nature of human consciousness and the world at large.


Approach each journey with deep empathy and understanding, acknowledging that every path is unique and deserves gentle guidance and unwavering support.


Prioritize sustainable growth, ensuring that each step we take replenishes, revitalizes, and nurtures both the individual and the collective.

Fostering Sustainability and Regeneration Through Inner Growth

At the heart of the Luminus system lies the belief that the outer world is a reflection of our inner landscapes. It understands that lasting change in our environment and societies begins with the transformative journey of individual souls.

Holistic Awareness

The Luminus system promotes a holistic approach to understanding oneself. When individuals recognize their interconnectedness with nature and every living being, they naturally gravitate towards sustainable practices that honor and preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Mindful Consumption

Through deep self-awareness, individuals start to recognize and curb the impulses that drive overconsumption and waste. They adopt lifestyles centered on need rather than want, leading to reduced strain on our planet's resources.

Empowerment and Action

Inner growth often leads to a heightened sense of responsibility and empowerment. Luminus nurtures this empowerment, encouraging individuals to advocate for sustainable practices in their communities, leading by example, and inspiring collective action.

Emotional Resilience

Environmental despair can be overwhelming. The Luminus system equips individuals with the emotional tools to face the challenges of our times without succumbing to apathy or hopelessness. This resilience is key to driving continuous effort towards regeneration.

Shared Values and Communities

Luminus brings together like-minded individuals who share common values of sustainability and regeneration. Such communities act as catalysts for change, pooling together resources, knowledge, and energy to drive initiatives that have lasting positive impacts on the environment.

By illuminating the path of inner growth, the Luminus system plants the seeds of sustainable and regenerative change in the hearts of individuals. As these seeds sprout and grow, they weave together a tapestry of a world that is in harmony with nature, cherishing its beauty and ensuring its continuation for generations to come.

The Genesis of the Luminus System:
A Tapestry of Wisdom and Discovery

The Luminus system, today hailed as a pioneering approach in holistic personal development, stands tall on the shoulders of profound legacies, methodologies, and enduring human quests. It wasn’t born overnight but rather woven together through years of exploration, learning, and synthesis.

Guiding Lights

Our journey began under the mentorship of Jan Boström and Marie Clahr Hallberg. For decades, their wisdom, coupled with the richness of their experiences, laid the foundational blocks. They illuminated our path, instilling in us a drive to dive deeper into the intricate maze of the human psyche.

Jungian Depths

Our studies in Jungian psychology offered a profound look into the deep recesses of the human mind. It introduced us to archetypes, dreams, and the collective unconscious. This approach highlighted the universality of certain human experiences and emotions, setting the stage for a system that would resonate globally.

Heroic Narratives

Stepping into the world of Joseph Campbell’s Hero's Journey, we delved into anthropology. Here, we discovered the power of myths and narratives that have shaped societies for millennia. Campbell's work, revolving around personal transformation and self-realization, enriched our perspective and gave us tools to frame the process of individual metamorphosis.

Metaphors & Transformation

With an ever-deepening interest in the interplay of myths and metaphors, we began to understand their transformative power. Narratives, it seemed, had an uncanny ability to inspire change, serve as catalysts for growth, and give meaning to life’s experiences.

Training & Tools

Taking our exploration to practical grounds, we trained thousands in leadership. Along this journey, we incorporated powerful tools and concepts in adult development like Integral and Spiral Dynamics. Each tool, with its unique approach, added layers of depth and breadth to our understanding of human behavior, leadership styles, and interpersonal dynamics.

The birth of the Luminus System

The culmination of these diverse yet interconnected paths led to the birth of the Luminus system. Envisioned as a beacon of growth, it draws from ancient wisdom and modern methodologies alike, offering a comprehensive, regenerative, and transformative roadmap for individuals and organizations alike.

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