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Distinguishing Features of the Luminus System

Incorporation of Adult Development

While many systems provide a snapshot of personality traits, the Luminus System embeds the fluidity and evolution of adult development. Recognizing that personalities evolve, it offers insights that resonate with an individual's growth journey, from nascent stages to mature self-awareness.

Embracing Emotional Styles

Beyond mere traits or behaviors, the Luminus System delves deep into the emotional landscape of an individual. It deciphers not just how we act but how we feel, helping users comprehend their emotional dispositions and how they impact interactions and decisions.

Reactive vs. Creative Framework

Most systems stop at identifying traits, but the Luminus System goes a step further. It outlines both reactive tendencies (those automatic, often unproductive responses) and creative potentials (our ability to harness positive and proactive responses). This provides a blueprint for personal growth and transformation.

Beyond Dualism - Embracing Polarities

In a world where dualism often dictates personality assessments (introvert vs. extrovert, thinker vs. feeler), Luminus stands out. It introduces the concept of polarities, which allows for a more nuanced understanding. Instead of black-and-white categorizations, it captures the spectrum of human experience, acknowledging that we all embody a bit of both ends and everything in between.

Synthesis over Simplification

Many systems simplify for ease, but Luminus champions synthesis. It aims to weave together various aspects of an individual's profile, providing a comprehensive, holistic view. This encourages users to appreciate the complexity and richness of their personalities rather than pigeonholing themselves into restrictive boxes.​

Holistic Viewpoint

Instead of fragmenting personality into isolated segments, Luminus provides a holistic view, considering how different traits, styles, and tendencies interplay and influence one another.

The Luminus System offers a rich tapestry of insights, weaving together various facets of human behavior, emotions, and tendencies. Its strength lies in its holistic approach, blending time-tested principles with innovative insights, all designed to provide a thorough, in-depth understanding of oneself and one's interactions with the world.

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The world of the
Luminus System

Diving into the heart of the Luminus System, we uncover a dynamic interplay of polarities that shape the intricacies of our personalities. Each polarity stands as a testament to unique qualities, aspirations, and characteristics, creating a rich tapestry of our individual essence.


Extraversion, Movement, and Renewal

Here, one feels a surge of extroverted energy, propelling forward with dynamism and a zest for renewal. It signifies our desire to engage with the external world, seeking new experiences and actively participating in the dance of life.


Drive and Determination

This realm embodies our inner warrior, a domain of relentless drive, passion, and the determination to achieve our goals, regardless of the obstacles.


Focus and Sensory Perception

This facet enlightens our sensory world, sharpening our focus and perception. Here, we become acutely aware of our surroundings, absorbing details with clarity and precision, grounding ourselves in the present moment.

Conscientiousness and Interest in Details

Valuing conscientiousness, delving deep into details, and keeping an eye on long-term objectives, this aspect emphasizes the importance of diligence and careful consideration.

Stability, Introversion, and Conservatism

This realm brings calm and grounding. It is the sanctuary for introverted energies, cherishing moments of introspection, valuing stability, and holding on to cherished traditions.


Care, Empathy, and Connection

The heart's vast expanse unfolds in this domain of profound care, empathy, and deep bonds of attachment. It highlights our innate capacity to feel, nurture, and connect on a profound level.

Intuition, Openness, and Understanding

Here, the mysteries beckon with promises of intuition and profound understanding. This polarity cherishes openness to new ideas, a deep-seated curiosity, and the ability to perceive beyond the tangible.

Playfulness, Ideation, and Openness

This is the playground of the imaginative spirit, bursting with playfulness, inventiveness, and unbridled creativity. It's where we let our imaginations roam free, led by the muse within.

Through the dance of these polarities, as outlined in the Luminus Profile, we gain a comprehensive understanding of our multidimensional personality. By embracing each aspect, we deepen our self-awareness, recognize our strengths, and truly understand our motivations.

Introducing the Three Levels of the
Luminus System

The Four Elements

Nature's Pulse At the foundational level, the Luminus System begins with the Four Elements, embodying the fundamental rhythms and currents of our world. These elements – Earth, Water, Air, and Fire – represent the primal forces that influence our environment, temperament, and emotions. Their interplay is a poetic dance that depicts the ebb and flow of life itself, resonating with the cyclical nature of existence.

The Eight Archetypes

Intentions Manifest Ascending from the elemental base, we encounter the Eight Archetypes, each embodying a distinct intention that guides and influences human actions and interactions. These archetypes, deeply rooted in our collective consciousness, serve as compass points. They provide direction, clarity, and purpose, resonating with age-old wisdom while still being relevant in today's complex world.

The Twenty Types

Sensemaking and Assumptions in Life's Drama As the narrative unfolds, we delve deeper into the intricacies of human behavior and understanding with the 20 Types. These are the detailed blueprints of our psyche, shaping our worldview, assumptions, and the very essence of our sensemaking. Each type acts as a unique character, playing their distinct roles in the grand theatre of life. Their interplay, conflicts, harmonies, and resolutions form the captivating drama of human existence, making every story unique yet universally relatable.

The Luminus System, with its layered approach, paints a comprehensive picture. It starts with the broad strokes of elemental forces, refines with archetypal intentions, and concludes with the detailed etchings of individual types, all while weaving the intricate tapestry of life's drama. This journey from the macro to the micro provides insights and self-awareness that is both broad in scope and deep in understanding. Embark on a transformative exploration of the self, set against the captivating backdrop of the world's stage.

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Bridging and Integrating Multiple Frameworks

The Luminus System, at its core, is not just a standalone tool but a versatile bridge that integrates and complements various frameworks, enhancing their efficacy and depth. Here's a snapshot of its synergistic alignment with multiple paradigms:


UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Luminus System underscores the importance of holistic and regenerative approaches. By understanding individual and collective archetypes, organizations can better align their missions with the SDGs, ensuring that their endeavors are not only profitable but also sustainable and beneficial to the larger world.


Torbert’s Action Inquiry

This model emphasizes the importance of continual questioning, reflecting, and action. The Luminus System's focus on the 20 types facilitates this introspective journey, allowing individuals and teams to adapt and respond in real-time, enhancing their transformative potential.


Appreciative Inquiry

Centered on positive questioning and leveraging strengths, this framework aligns seamlessly with the Luminus System's emphasis on the positive attributes of each archetype. It aids in identifying and amplifying inherent strengths, driving positive change.

Brain-Based Coaching (NeuroLeadership)

With neuroscience at its core, this coaching model emphasizes understanding brain processes to foster leadership development. The Luminus System complements this by providing insights into the inherent neural patterns and behaviors of its 20 types, aiding in more targeted and effective coaching interventions.

Future Search

This strategic planning process focuses on shared values and a common future. Through the Luminus System's exploration of collective archetypes, organizations can better understand shared visions, ensuring more cohesive and forward-focused planning.


Leadership Agility

Agility is about adaptability, self-awareness, and context-driven leadership. The Luminus System’s deep dive into archetypes and their interplay offers leaders a nuanced understanding of their leadership style, helping them navigate complex challenges with greater finesse.

Theory U

At the heart of Theory U lies the principle of sensing, presencing, and realizing emergent futures. The Luminus System, through its foundational elements and archetypes, acts as a guide to navigating the U process. It assists individuals in accessing deeper levels of self-awareness, which is pivotal in moving down the U and realizing profound transformations.


Immunity to Change

This framework focuses on understanding resistances to change. The Luminus System's detailed exploration of the 20 Types offers insights into inherent conflicts, assumptions, and behavioral patterns, aiding individuals and teams to recognize and address their internal barriers more effectively.

Nature Search

Emphasizing reconnecting with nature, this approach aligns with the Luminus System's holistic worldview. The system aids individuals in understanding their inherent nature-driven archetypes, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

Inner Development Goals (IDGs)

The IDGs emphasize personal growth, self-awareness, and inner transformation. The Luminus System dovetails perfectly with this by offering tools and insights that facilitate profound inner journeys, aligning personal growth with broader developmental objectives.

The Disney Model

often attributed to Walt Disney's approach to creativity and innovation, is structured around three distinct roles: the Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic. Each of these roles plays a pivotal part in the ideation, development, and refinement of ideas. The Luminus System, with its holistic understanding of personality archetypes and their interplay, offers a profound depth when integrated with the Disney Model.

Change Model ADKAR

This framework is about understanding and navigating change at both individual and collective levels. The Luminus System, with its deep dive into individual and collective dynamics, adds depth to the ADKAR stages, ensuring smoother transitions.

Kotter’s Change Model

Kotter emphasizes a systematic approach to change. By using the Luminus System alongside, organizations can gain insights into inherent team dynamics, aiding in more precise strategy formulations during each step of the change process.


LOTS Change Model

LOTS emphasizes holistic thinking during change. The holistic and regenerative emphasis of Luminus ensures that the transformations via LOTS are not just systematic but also deeply aligned with human and ecological considerations.

Scaled Agile SAFe

Implementing SAFe requires understanding and aligning diverse team dynamics and organizational cuagility. The Luminus System, with its emphasis on individual and collective archetypes, provides insights into team strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, thereby streamlining agile transformations and ensuring smoother, more cohesive agile practices.


The strength of the Luminus System lies in its universality and adaptability. Whether it's organizational change, personal growth, or global sustainability, this system offers a lens to view challenges and solutions with greater clarity, depth, and integrative potential. By seamlessly interweaving with various frameworks, it amplifies their impact, ensuring holistic and sustainable transformations.

Luminus System:

An Asset for ICF Professional Coaches

The International Coach Federation (ICF) emphasizes the importance of a structured coaching approach, focusing on promoting change that is deeply embedded in self-awareness and progressive development. The Luminus Profile can act as a powerful tool for ICF professional coaches, enhancing their coaching practice in numerous ways


Deepening Self-awareness

Luminus helps clients uncover the intricate web of their personality archetypes, the 20 types, and their dynamic interplay. By understanding their innate tendencies, strengths, and challenges, clients can embark on a more informed journey of personal growth.

Tailored Coaching Approach

By identifying the dominant archetypes of their clients, coaches can customize their strategies, tools, and techniques to suit the client's unique profile, making sessions more productive.

Conflict Resolution

Understanding one's intrinsic styles of conflict resolution, as mapped by Luminus, allows coaches to guide clients in building healthier relationships and managing disputes more effectively.

Holistic Development

The Luminus Profile doesn't just focus on professional or personal growth in isolation. Its regenerative and holistic perspective encourages clients to seek growth that aligns with the greater good, thus promoting a more rounded personal and professional evolution.

Aligning Goals with Innate Strengths

Luminus provides insights into the ebb and flow of one's internal world. Coaches can use this to guide clients in aligning their goals with their innate strengths, ensuring higher chances of success.

Unpacking Resistance

By delving into the reactive/creative sides of the profile, coaches can help clients unpack resistance, fears, and self-limiting beliefs, which often stand in the way of transformative change.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Luminus sheds light on individual communication preferences. Coaches can guide clients in understanding and adapting their communication to various scenarios, fostering better interpersonal relationships.

Guiding Career Choices

For clients at the crossroads of their career, understanding their dominant archetypes and underlying tendencies can be invaluable. Coaches can guide them in making career choices that resonate with their authentic selves.

Continuous Growth

The multi-layered nature of the Luminus System ensures that clients always have new facets to explore and understand, making their journey of growth continuous and ever-evolving.

Integration with Other Frameworks

As previously highlighted, Luminus integrates seamlessly with other established models and frameworks. ICF coaches can leverage this feature to offer a multi-dimensional coaching experience.

For ICF professional coaches, the Luminus Profile isn't just a tool; it's an ally. It complements their mission of facilitating profound change, making the journey of transformation clearer, more rooted, and truly transformative for their clients.

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